Organizations & Tools

Trading Organizations

  • National Water Quality Trading Alliance (NWQTA):

    • “A national consortium of leaders from the business, governmental, non-profit and regulated community focused on enhancing and expanding market-based opportunities for improving water quality and accelerating the restoration of watersheds. NWQTA works to support comprehensive and coherent government rules and policies on trading as well as the development of new and existing state and regional trading markets, while serving as a platform to advance the science and ecological effectiveness of water quality trading.”
    • NWQTA In Action.
    • NWQTA Latest News.
  • National Network on Water Quality Trading (NNWQT):

    • NNWQT represents diverse organizations including agriculture, wastewater utilities, environmental groups, regulatory agencies, and the practitioners delivering water quality trading programs, and "develops collaborative products that can benefit the water quality trading community and advance Network goals of consistency, innovation, and integrity."
    • Water Quality Trading Products from NNWQT.
    • Participant Resources.
  • Katoomba Group's Ecosystem Marketplace (Australia):
    • "The place where providers & beneficiaries of ecosystem services get together to capture the value associated with ecosystem services."

Trading Tools

Regulatory Tools

  • Agricultural Trading Tools:

    • Nutrient Trading Tool (NTT):
      • Web-based software application designed to provide a comprehensive nitrogen leaching evaluation and reporting tool. It compares agricultural management systems to calculate the change in nitrogen, phosphorous, sediment loss potential, and crop yield.
    • LandServer:
      • Web-based tool that provides farmers and woodland owners with a quick and easy natural resource assessment, an evaluation of their property's potential to receive payments for implementing conservation actions, and information on how to get started.
    • Getting Paid for Stewardship: An Agricultural Community Water Quality Trading Guide.
  • Australia Market-Based Instruments by Catchment Management Authorities:

    • 2007: paper discussing the many different types of offset and trading tools for water quality, water quantity, emissions, policy, etc.
  • BioBanking:

    • Addresses loss of biodiversity and threatened species by creating a market in biodiversity credits, providing incentives to protect biodiversity values.
  • Bear River Trading Calculator::

    • Technical Documentation on the "Trading Calculator" software application tool for watershed managers to examine different trading scenarios including evaluating potential buyers and sellers, the potential amount of pollutant reduction, and the likely cost of reduction.
  • Bay Bank:

    • The Chesapeake's Conservation Marketplace, combines the best available tools to enable easy access to local, regional, and national ecosystem markets and conservation programs.
  • MarkIt Environmental Registry:

    • Allows account holders to manage all their environmental credits - carbon, water, ecosystem, biodiversity - in one place.
  • Katoomba Group's Forum for Water Markets:
    • Online Platform designed to share ideas and discuss some of the emerging issues surrounding water quality and the use of market-based tools available in the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Nutrient Net:
    • Online resource for reducing watershed nutrient runoff, developed by the World Resource Institute - Nutrient Net Brochure.
  • Watershed Analysis Risk Management Framework (WARMF):
    • WARMF is an EPRI-sponsored tool for facilitating TMDL analysis and watershed planning.
  • Water Quality Trading Toolkit for Permit Writers::

    • First ever "how-to" manual on water quality trading.
  • Load-Based Licensing (LBL) Scheme:

Voluntary Tools