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13th National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference

May 3-6, 2010: Austin, Texas
Visit www.mitigationbankingconference.com

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Water Quality Trading Workshop

March 4-5, 2009, Easton, Maryland
Together with its partners, Environmental Trading Network, the International Certified Crop Advisers and the Water Environment Federation, the Conservation Technology Information Center hosted this interactive event in the Easton, MD area. For more information, go to the CTIC website.

12th National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference

May 5-8, 2009: Salt Lake City, UT.
The theme of this conference was Banking under the New Rule. An estimated 450 attendees learned how the "New Rule" issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency earlier in 2009 impacts mitigation and ecosystem banking across the U.S. The conference sought presentations from experienced mitigation and conservation bankers, regulators, users, engineers, investors, environmental organizations, and others with direct experience in the expanding mitigation and ecosystem banking industry.
Visit www.mitigationbankingconference.com

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Water Quality Credit Trading Workshop

Aug 19-20, 2008: Troy, OH.

Hosted by Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC), in conjunction with the Environmental Trading Network (ETN), the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and Certified Crop Advisers
. Presentations are available at CTIC website.

11th National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference
May 6-9, 2008: Hyatt Regency, Jacksonville, FL.
Banking on the Environment (Formerly: National Mitigation and Conservation Banking Conference)

An Introduction to Water Quality Trading

December 5, 2007: Washington, D.C.
A Free EPA one-day training course (9am-5pm), USDA South Ag. Building

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Market-based strategies: are they the answer for Water Quality?"
October 19, 2006: Richmond, VA. Organized by the Virginia Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society.
Link to Website.
Link to Presentations.

ETN Training Workshop on Water Quality Trading (Workshop Page)
August 22-24, 2006: Cincinnati, OH.
Designed for stakeholders and state agencies in EPA region 5 and the Ohio River Basin.
Link to Presentations.
Link to Speaker's Biographies.

Environmental Trading Congress: "Strategies for Succeeding in the Environmental Financial Markets"
July 24-25, 2006: New York Helmsley, NY.
The Congress, organized by Financial Research Associates, LLC, was designed to serve as a practical forum facilitating a productive exchange between industry leaders from the financial, agriculture, energy, and utility markets.

U.S. EPA/USDA 2nd National Water Quality Trading Conference
May 23-25, 2006: Pittsburgh, PA.
Link to the final agenda, including speaker presentations and speaker biographies.

Making the Priceless Valuable: Jumpstarting Environmental Markets
June 7-9, 2006: Portland, OR.
9th Public Meeting of the Katoomba Group.
The conference was the first regional expression of The Katoomba Group, an international working group composed of leading experts from forest and energy industries, research institutions, the financial world, and environmental NGOs, all dedicated to facilitating strategic partnerships that can launch green forest products in the marketplace.
For more information, visit The Katoomba Group website.

9th National Mitigation & Conservation Banking Conference
April 24-27, 2006: Portland, OR.
"Environmental Banking: Cultivating the Green Frontier"

Environmental Credits Generated Through Land-Use Changes Workshop

March 8-9, 2006: Baltimore, MD.
Link to the final agenda, including speaker presentations and biographies.


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Mississippi River Basin Nutrients Science Workshop

October 6, 2005: St Louis, MO.
Mark Kieser of Kieser & Associates presented a paper: "A Preliminary Analysis of Water Quality Trading Opportunities in the Great Miami River Watershed, OH" at this first ever U.S. EPA-sponsored workshop.

National Forum on Synergies between Water Quality Trading and Wetland Mitigation Banking
July, 2005.
This forum aimed to advance point/nonpoint source trading by identifying "lessons learned" from wetland mitigation banking. It also explored the potential role wetlands can play in providing water quality credits as part of a watershed scale trading program.
Link to the Final Report.
Link to the Conference Program.

Eighth National Mitigation & Conservation Banking Conference: "Environmental Banking and Beyond"
April 18-21, 2005: Charlotte, NC.
This cutting-edge conference offered sessions on emerging markets (stream mitigation, conservation banking, multi-credit banks, water quality trading, agriculture), sessions on standards and sustainability, tracking progress, case studies, sales & marketing, and more. Field trips (urban and rural), a new Banking Primer Workshop, the Regulators' Forum facilitated by the Corps, the Bankers Forum by NMBA, a Federal update, special guests, and the inside track on what's happening with the EEP in North Carolina were featured.
Mark Kieser, Acting Chair of ETN, presented: "Restore Flow Regimes and Ecosystems in the Great Lakes Through Environmental Markets."
More information at the Conference Website or call (703) 548-5473.

OECD - Agriculture and Water: Sustainability, Markets, and Policies
November 14-18, 2005: Adelaide, Australia.
to General Conference information and all papers available.

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Seventh National Mitigation & Conservation Banking Conference: Practice, Policy, and New Emerging Markets
March 3-5, 2004: New Orleans, LA.
Mark Kieser, Acting Chair of ETN, presented: "Water Quality Trading: Restoration at Banks to Enhance Water Quality Benefits."

Urban Renaissance and Watershed Management Conference

Jan. 28 - Feb 3, 2004: Tokyo and Otsu, Japan.
Crystal Gandrud (Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates): "After the Boston Harbor Project: Revitalizing the Waterfront."
Brice Le Canuu (Service Public 2000, France): "Public-Private Partnership in Municipal Water Services in France."
Eric Muller (Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, France): "Organizational Structures, Costs, and Fees."
Mark Kieser (Environmental Trading Network): "Economic and Environmental Benefits of Water Quality Trading."

International Conference on Compliance and Enforcement of Trading Schemes in Environmental Protection
March 16-18, 2004: Oxford, England.
Link to Conference Documents.

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Sixth National Mitigation & Conservation Banking Conference: Practice and Policy

April 22-25, 2003: San Diego, CA.
Mark Kieser, Acting Chair of ETN, presented: "Ecosystem Multiple Markets: The Next Generation of Ecological Restoration and Management."

US EPA National Forum on Water Quality Trading
July 22-23, 2003.
Link to website with presentations.

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Fifth National Mitigation & Conservation Banking Conference: Moving Towards Solutions

Feb 27 - Mar 1, 2002: Terrene Institute, Washington DC.
Mark Kieser, Acting Chair of ETN, presented: "Developing Markets to Manage Ecosystems: Evolution of a National Trading Network."

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