Water Quality Trading
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 Trading Programs at the Watershed Scale
 Trading Programs at State Level
  State Trading Programs:                                                                                                   


  • Lower Delaware River Basin: 2006 Report "Water Quality Trading in the Lower Delaware River Basin: A Resource for Practitioners" 
  • Delaware Department of Natural Resources:
    - Watershed-based Nutrient Trading Factsheet
    - "An Industry in a Bind" Factsheet
  • Inland Bays Watershed: Pollution Control Strategy Allowing Trading
  • Indian River and Bay, Rehoboth Bay, Little Assawoman Bay Watersheds: 7403 Regulations Governing the Pollution Control Strategy 
  • Pollutant Trading Advisory Committee: webpage
  • Tampa Bay: Estuary Program
  • Lake Okeechobee Watershed:Factsheet - WWF page - RFF article
    -Florida Ranchlands Environmental Services Projects (FRESP) is funded by the USDA NRCS, FDACS, SFWMD, WWF, and Florida DEP. It is a 5 year pilot market-based project to restore Lake Okeechobee Watershed by paying Ranchers for environmental services such as water retention, phosphorus retention, and wetland enhancement. 
  • Lower St. Johns River Basin: Florida DEP mainpage (overview of action and trading plans)
  • Water Quality Credit Trading: 2006 Report to governor and legislature
  • Lake Allatoona Watershed: A framework for trading phosphorus credits in the Lake Allatoona Watershed - River Center Webpage
  • 2008 Georgia Comprehensive State-wide Water Management Plan
  • Water Quality Trading Feasibility Papers:
    - 2006 Building a Foundation for Water Quality Trading in Georgia" paper
    - 2005 "An Evaluation of Water Quality Trading for Georgia Watersheds" paper and conference proceedings
    - 2005 "A Feasibility Analysis of Applying Water Quality Trading in Georgia Watersheds" Paper
    - 2005 "Water Quality Trading: Addressing Two Potential Impediments to Success" Paper
    - 2003 "Developing Offset Banking Systems in Georgia" working paper
  • Piasa Creek Watershed: Project: 2005 AWWA Journal  - 2008 NPDES Permit Notice  - Great Rivers LandTrust Website
  • Big Bureau Creek Watershed:
    - 2009-2011 Study Description
    - "Growing Wetlands for Clean Water" Factsheet
    - "Measuring a Test Market for Nutrient Farming" Factsheet
  • Iowa Market Feasibility Assessment Study: Three Project Sites - 1. Raccoon River Watershed, 2. Walnut Creek Watershed, 3. Boone River Watershed "The Allocation of Nutrient Load Reduction Across a Watershed: Assessing Delivery Coefficients as an Implementation Tool" Working Paper - Link to Journal Abstract
  • Kentucky River Watershed:
    - 2011 Paper: "Non-Point Source Abatement Costs in the Kentucky River Watershed"
    - 2009-2011 Study "Assessment of Market-based Water Quality Trading System for the Kentucky River Watersheds" (study still being done)
  • Draft Water Quality Trading Rules:
    - Water Quality Trading Rule Development Page
    - MPCA Phosphorus Strategy
  • Policy Study 265 "Environmental Flexibility in Action: A Minnesota Case Study"
  • 2011 Watson Partners and the Southern Minnesota Sugar Beet Cooperative:
    - Phosphorus Trading "Farm of the Future" Project
  • Minnesota River Basin: General Phosphorus Permit Phase 1
  • MN Water Quality Trading Rules:
    - 2009 Kieser & Associates Report "A Scientifically Defensible Process for the Exchange of Pollutant Credits under Minnesota's Proposed Water Quality Trading Rules" 
  • USDA Conservation Innovation Grant:
    - 2006 "Improving Conservation and Agricultural Economics with Water Quality Credit Trading and the BMP Challenge" BMP Challenge
    - Preliminary White Draft Paper MN Agricultural Participation in Credit Trading
  • Lower Minnesota River:
    - 2006 Article "Pollutant Trading to Improve Riparian Habitat"
    -  Rahr Malting: Program Description ; Watershed-based Permitting Case Study: Final Permit EPA Fact sheet  
  • Minnesota River: 2004 Summer Low Flow DO TMDL Report
  • Vermillion River:
    - Targeted Watershed Grand "Thermal Credit Trading System" webpage (includes links to Project findings and methods)
    - 2008 Maps of Thermal Credit Potential
    - 2007 Paper "Thermal trading in a Local, State, and Federal Regulatory Context: the Vermillion River" 
  New Jersey
  New York
  North Carolina
  • Legislation:
    - Water Quality Trading Rules
    - Ohio EPA Water Quality Trading Website
  • Great Miami River Watershed:
    - Water Quality Credit Trading Program page
    - Miami Conservancy District: Improving Water Quality Demonstration Projects page
    - Preliminary Economic Analysis Study
    - 2005 Water Quality Trading Program Operations Manual
    - Report: "An Economic Comparison of USDA-NRCS EQIP Payments and Water Quality Trading in the Great Miami River Watershed in Ohio"
  • Little Miami River:
    - Description
    - Clermont County EPA
    Proposal and News Release
  • Sugar Creek Watershed:
    - 2011 Article: Alpine Cheese Water Quality Trading Project Proves Successful 
    - Alpine Cheese Phosphorus Nutrient Trading Program 2006 Trading Plan
  • Shepherd Creek:
    - Research: "Using Economic Incentive to Manage Storm water Runoff" Part 1 and Evaluation
  • Ohio River Basin:
    - EPRI Ohio River Basin Webpage
    - Power Facilities Map
  • Legislation: DEP Nutrient Trading webpage and policy/guidelines
  • Pennsylvania Water Quality Trading: NutrientNet Online Trading Marketplace
  • DEP News Releases:
    - 2006 Article: State's Nutrient Trading Program Garnering Attention
    - 2006 Article:  First Credit Sale
  • Nutrient Credit Trading for Watershed Improvement: 2003 PA Discussion Paper
  • DEP Chesapeake Bay Webpage: includes links to "Trading of Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Credit: Policy and Guidelines", information from the trading workgroup and all documents related to the Chesapeake Bay. 
  • Conestoga Watershed: Nutrient Trading Pilot Project
  • 2009 CCX Final Report: Outline for PENNVEST's Role as Nutrient Credit Clearinghouse in Pennsylvania's Water Quality Nutrient Credit Market. To request this publication, contact Michael Walsh (Exec. VP) or Jeffery O'Hara (Economist).
  • 2008 Chesapeake Bay Tributary Stategy Compliance Cost Study
  • 2007 Article: Ready to Trade: PA Approves Policy to Exchange Nutrients
  • 2006 Primer on Water Quality Trading in the Mid Atlantic Region
  • Lawsuit: Borough of Bedford et al. v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Legislation:
    - VPDES Watershed General Permit for nutrient Discharges to the Chesapeake Bay: Webpage
    - DEQ Chesapeake Bay Program: Webpage
  • Nutrient Credit Exchange Study
  • Nutrient Credit Exchange Association, Inc. Page
  • 2010 Chesapeake Bay TMDL Phase I Watershed Implementation Plan
  • 2009 Evaluation: "Nutrient Trading Options in Virginia: A Role for Agriculture"
  • 2005 Report: "Chesapeake Bay Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Tributary Strategy for the James River, Lynnhaven, and Poquoson Coastal Basin"
  • 2010 Draft Water Quality Trading Framework Paper 
  • 2011 Water Quality Trading Program Update
  • Spokane River Watershed:
    - 2010 Spokane River and Lake Spokane Dissolved Oxygen Total Maximum Daily Load Water Quality Improvement Report - Publication Summary
    - 2005 Water Quality Trading Suitability Analysis Final Report
  West Virginia
  • Potomac River Watershed:
    - Water Quality Bank and Trade Program Webpage (includes links to 2008 Draft Trading Guidance Documents)
    - 2008 "TMDL for Selected Streams in the Potomac Watershed" Final Report
    - Nutrient Trading in Potomac River Brochure
  • Cheat River:
    - EPA Document: Trading Framework and Water Quality Credits on Former Mine Lands
    - 2003 Document: "Completed and Future Projects and use of TMDL Trading" 
  • Coal River Watershed: 2006 TMDL for Selected Streams in the Coal Watershed" Final Report
  • WV Water Quality Nutrient Credit Trading Program Guidance Document
  • Red Cedar River: Wisconsin DNR Watershed Based Pollutant Trading Page (includes links to City of Cumberland Phosphorus Trading Progress Reports)
  • Fox-Wolf Lake Alliance:
    Program Description
    - Water Quality Credit Trading White Paper - prepared to guide and support the assessment of the feasibility of trading to assist with water quality improvement in the Fox River Watershed.
  • Rock River Partnership Webpage
  • 2002 Fourth Progress Report on the Trading of Water Pollution Credits - DNR Webpage 
  • Water Quality Trading Blog Site - provides information on the latest happenings related to water quality trading
  • Water Quality Trading Framework for Wisconsin 2011 Draft Report

 Interstate Trading Programs:                                                                                            

 Chesapeake Bay Program
 Ohio River Basin
  • Trading Pilot Project Main Page
  • 2011 Project Notice: Pilot Trades for Compliance with Nutrient Criteria and Greenhouse Gas Targets 
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