Water Quality Trading
Foreign Trading Programs

  • 1998 Tradable Discharge Permits System for Water Pollution: Case Study of Upper Nanpan River, China
  • Sloping Lands Conservation Program: "Grain for Green" - Program utilizes an intermediary-based transaction (local government) internal trading payment mechanism where the central government allocates funding for compensation to farmers setting aside part of their cropland. 
  • Jesus De Otoro: A program focusing on water quality and reducing water pollution using improved management practices and a point system to determine payments. 
  • Sukhomairi: Community Watershed Management - Focuses on water quality through participatory integrated watershed management projects using best management practices. Their payment mechanism is an NGO intermediary-based transaction and tradable water rights/user fees.
  • Kenya Integrated Ecosystem Project: A Market Design stategy for Water Quality to reduce erosion and pollutants into Lake Victoria and also includes carbon credits from tree planting and biodiversity.
 New Zealand
  • 2007 Working Paper: "Nutrient Trading in Lake Rotorua: Where Are We Now?" 
Regional Programs
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