About ETN  

 The ETN is an international clearinghouse for information on water quality trading projects and other environmental markets.  The ETN has led or participated in a variety of market-based environmental market projects since its inception.  In the Great Lakes, these projects focused on issues of water quality and water quantity and how markets or market-like mechanisms could be used to help maintain the balance between use and protection of the resource (see Water Quality Trading and Water Quantity Management).  More recently, it has primarily focused on accumulating and posting up-to-date information that is relevant to water quality trading program development in the U.S. and internationally.  High level information is also posted for other environmental markets focused on wetland and habitat banking including current information on credit stacking. 

The ETN has been maintained through past project funding and with in-kind support from Kieser & Associates, LLC (K&A).  Mark Kieser of K&A has voluntarily served as Acting Chair of the Network since 2000.  Contact Us for more information.


Mark S. Kieser

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